Fellow Rotarians, this week our club will be holding our only regular annual business meeting of the entire club.  We do this to elect our Board members and officers for the 2016-17 year.  In order to have a vote, we must have a quorum present.  A quorum for our club is 1/3 of the active members, or 67 as of today.  Our attendance lately has been close to that number, so we want to be sure we have a quorum.  If you cannot attend, I will accept a proxy vote as contributing to a quorum.  You could just let me know that you wish to register a proxy vote either yea or nay for the whole ballot, or abstain. 
Here is the ballot:
Vice President (2016-17): Greg Denver  (This would put him in line to be President in 2018-19)
Board of Directors (2016-2018): Gary Clark, Allison Disbrow, Cassidi Green,  Jackie Schlup.
Sergeant at Arms (2016-17): Nancy Bartell
Secretary (2016-17): George Ham
Treasurer (2016-17): Andrew Bowen
And of course this week is Club Assembly.  Please take advantage of this day to help our very active committees with their valuable work.  Every member can and should be on at least one committee.  This is truly where the work of Rotary gets done.  If you haven’t joined a committee yet, it is never too late.  Consider yourself recruited.   Again I will ask for a brief report from each committee and publish those in this newsletter for all to see.
Last week was an outstanding presentation from Dr. Ed Berger, recently retired President of Hutchinson Community College and now representing the Cosmosphere.  He explained the exciting new things happening at the Cosmosphere, particularly its renewed focus on education.  It sounds like the education program will expand greatly from its current design.  I know most of our members have been there at least once.  I’ve been there many times and every time I find lots of new things and learn more about space and all types of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). 
I look forward to seeing you Thursday!  Thanks for all you do for Rotary.
“Be a Gift to the World”
Betty Stevens