Posted by Michael Dodson on Jul 23, 2019
  • Last week (18 July) we heard from Andy and Rich from the Konza Club who provided information on the Water Matters Day they sponsor. It will be on 3 August at the Zoo.
  • We also heard from Melanie Nord concerning the Global Leadership Summit on 8/9 August. Many Rotarians attended last year and found it quite valuable.  
  • Dale Bradley introduced Jason Smith, the President, and CEO of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Jason provided information on his background and on the major initiatives for the Chamber. His experience in Norman, Oklahoma and in Lincoln Nebraska provide a very strong background of experience that will serve us well. He discussed the impressive contribution ratio of private to public support for Chamber programs and the progress thus far in Greater Manhattan and Region Reimagined and the cooperation with surrounding communities. He also discussed the many advantages offered in Manhattan that provides much optimism for our future economic health.
  • Book titled “Alma” went in Jason’s name to Bergman Elementary.
  • To follow-up on the formation of a District Human Trafficking Committee, Linda Morse will lead this committee for us under the Community Service Committee.
  • Robbin Cole hosted 20 Mandella fellows at her home and some of our Rotarians attended.
  • Jason Lieb, District Governor will join us and the Konza Club on 10 and 11 October.   
Manhattan Rotary Club Programs upcoming:
  • 25 July – Chris Klieman, KSU football coach.
  • 1 August – Todd Holmberg, Director of McCain Auditorium
July cup collection: Juneteenth
  • 25 July - Jan Marks and Tad Thompson
  • Visiting Rotarians – Rich, Andy, Loree, Michelle
  • Guests of Rotarians – Christi, Gary, Melanie, Mitch
Manhattan Rotary Sponsored: Events
  • July 25: Rotary on Tap (Liquid Art).
Konza Club PROGRAMS upcoming:
  • July 26 – KS River Keepers - Dawn Buehler, State of the rivers in Kansas
  • August 2 – Dina Clark - No Stone Unturned, Sensory Swim Program 
Konza Rotary Sponsored Events.
August 3 – Water Matters Day, Sunset Zoo
August 28 – Rotary Sponsored Anti-Bullying Program 5:30 - 7:30 PM, Rezac Auditorium, MHS