Fellow Rotarians,
As we rapidly approach the end of May, I want to remind you again about the importance of renewing your membership by paying dues as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, we have less time than in the past to process payments and update our membership before Rotary International bills us.  It will help us tremendously if you can renew within the next week.  You can pay by check, credit card or online.  If you wish to pay online, you can use the following link:  https://mkt.com/Manhattan-Rotary
It's also the time of year we begin the transition to the new club officers and board members.  President Elect Betty Stevens lead a very productive board retreat last week.  We have a very creative and energetic board and the future of our club is bright.  In the coming weeks, Betty will be asking us to reflect on areas of interest as we begin forming club service committees for next year. Please consider your areas of interest, then volunteer for a committee that will allow you to serve our club.
Thanks to Betty for filling in for me last week. This week, our program will be Becky Fitzgerald from the Meadowlark Hills Foundation.  I hope to see you this Thursday for lunch!

Scott Emley