Hopefully all of you in attendance last week enjoyed another productive, rewarding and informative meeting.  As our club continues to enjoy success in our efforts to recruit and welcome young members,  I suspect we are also on record  pace for Paul Harris Fellows.  Last week, Vern Henricks introduced our newest member Nick Wiggins, Executive Director of the RISE Foundation.  To Vern's surprise, while Nick and Vern were both at the podium, Nick took the opportunity to present an award to Vern for his support of the RISE Foundation.   It's not often a new member, upon his or her introduction, presents an award to a longtime member.  But this is what Rotary is about-service above self.   We have so many members who give of themselves continually and it has been a pleasure to highlight just a few of those members.  If you know of something a member is involved in, or has accomplished, please let me know.  Congratulations to Vern and welcome Nick!

We also had the pleasure of recognizing our latest Paul Harris Fellow, Mitzi Richards.    C. Clyde Jones provided his usual intriguing introduction.  If we ever institute an award for "Introducer of The Year", my nominee would be C. Clyde.   Congratulations to Mitzi for her accomplishment.  Our club has now recognized 13 new Paul Harris Fellows since July 1 of this year.  We have a very active group of members who passionately believe in The Rotary Foundation and the positive impact we can have through the foundation.  These members are working hard to bring more of our club membership up to the Paul Harris Fellow level and based on the first half of this Rotary year, I'd say they are doing a great job.

Don't forget there is still a need for mentors for our K State Rotoract Club.  If you are able, please consider this opportunity to impact a young person's life in a very positive way.  If you need information or have questions, please contact Darrell Brensing

This Thursday we have 2 great opportunities to gather as Rotarians.   During the regular Thursday noon meeting, we will hear from  Julie Sieve of the American Cancer Society.  So many of us, or someone we know, have been impacted by cancer and it will be interesting to learn of the latest developments in the areas of research and treatment.   Later that evening at 5:30pm , we will gather at the Strecker-Nelson Gallery on Poytnz Ave for a club social.    The gallery's holiday display will be featured for all to enjoy along with great fellowship, cocktails and appetizers.  If you haven't been able to attend one of these socials in the past I think you'll find they are quite enjoyable for a number of reasons,  not the least of which is you can get attendance credits without having to listen to me preside over a meeting. 

I hope to see you this Thursday for lunch and at Strecker-Nelson Gallery!

Scott Emley