K-State Head Football Coach Bill Snyder spoke last week to a nice crowd at the weekly meeting of the Manhattan Rotary Club.  He addressed such topics as the future look of the Big 12 conference, the question of Conference Championships and play-offs, and the Mentoring Program that he has been working on so devotedly at least since his first retirement in 2005. He encourages Rotarians to get involved with the Mentoring Program in Kansas as a way of giving young people a hand up into a responsible and productive adulthood.

Our first social event of the 2015-16 year will be at Manhattan Christian College and we will be joined by the Manhattan Konza Rotary Club.  It will be from 5:15 to 6:45 p.m., Wednesday, August 26, in Jolliffe Hall on the MCC Campus.  Bring your spouse or special friend and enjoy an hour or so as a special guest of Rotarian Kevin Ingram and his staff at MCC.

This week we are happy to be welcoming District Governor John Donovan to speak at our club meeting and to visit further with our Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and anyone else who is interested in attending immediately after the regular meeting. Governor John invites all the clubs in District 5710 to be active, innovative, and to make a difference. He is very interested in learning about the exciting things the Manhattan Rotary Club has been doing.

The “cup money” collection for the month of September will go to Catholic Charities.

This week we will be holding the Rotary orientation session for Linda Morse, who has been nominated for membership in the Manhattan Rotary Club.  The completion of the orientation session marks the beginning of the seven-day waiting period before a new member can be formally welcomed into the club. There are some others in the “pipeline” for orientation, so it appears our growth for the year has already begun. If you know of anyone who would be a wonderful Rotarian, don’t be shy about asking them.

Our Communications Committee is working on ways to shine light on the great things the Manhattan Rotary Club accomplishes. One of those will be a brochure that we can use with potential new members to help them understand our Rotary Club.  It will include a list of our charitable work and contributions. If there is anything else that you think would be helpful in this brochure, please pass on that information to Chris Nolte, Fred Goss, or Nancy Muturi.

As a reminder for members who have to miss a weekly meeting, you can usually view a video of the program.  See the www.manhattanrotary.org website for information.  In addition, if you want to keep your attendance 100%, you can visit other clubs, including the K-State Rotaract Club, for makeup credit.

Thank you for all you do for Rotary.
“Be a gift to the world.”

Betty Stevens​