Last week we enjoyed hearing from Jodi Oleen with the Kansas Pork Association.  She told us how the members of the Pork Association have worked together to produce leaner, more nourishing pork products, and how the pig farmers use modern methods to raise, feed, and market their products. I learned that lean pork loin is as lean as chicken breast.  Did you know that?

We also heard from our social committee that there will be a Rotary Club Social Gathering on August 26 (that’s a Wednesday) at Manhattan Christian College.  Sam Gillespie will have more details about this as the time nears, but please mark your calendars and invite your spouse or special friend to join us for a fun and interesting time on August 26.

This year the Manhattan Rotary Club Board of Directors decided to add the local Catholic Charities organization to our “cup money” list.  Michelle Martin is the local director and will tell us about the work that Catholic Charities does in our community. I predict we will all learn something from this program.

Each year the President of Rotary International creates some goals for each club to accomplish in order to receive the “Presidential Citation.”  The Manhattan Rotary Club has frequently received this recognition.  This year one of the requirements for the Citation is to increase membership and along with that we also want to increase the number of different sponsors of new members.  So if you haven’t sponsored a new member for a while, this is the year to do it.  Help us find those good, strong future Rotarians who would love to join us.

Thank you for all you do for Rotary. 
“Be a Gift to the World.”

Betty Stevens