Posted by Betty Stevens on Sep 24, 2019
President Mike Dodson reviewed the most recent board meeting. Greeters Bonnie Lynn Sherow and Dick Wertzberger introduced three visiting Rotarians. Cup money is for Just Tri It. He announced the results of the poll about who reads the newsletter and about the possibility of monthly dues.
Dale Bradley introduced and listed some of the extensive background and accomplishments of the speaker, Provost and Executive Vice President at Kansas State University, Chuck Taber. Chuck explained the various facets of his job, which include being the chief academic officer of all teaching and research programs at the university and the vice president who would stand in as acting president if the president were out of touch.
Provost Taber expanded on the many facets of his responsibilities at the university. He also told more about his personal background and experiences before coming to K-State from his administrative position at Stony Brook University in New York about one year ago. Before agreeing to come to K-State he was happy to find the close relationship and mutual respect between the community and the university, which he has found to be rare in other places. He then explained some of the challenges facing K-State and how he is planning to approach those challenges. One of those challenges is a national trend toward less financial support from states for their public universities. Universities were seen as public engines of the economy and opportunities for residents and the bulk of the funding came from the state. He told what K-State is doing to change some perceptions about higher education in Kansas, and about the cost to students, various types of financial aid, and stabilizing enrollments.
In honor of the speaker, the book “Giraffe” will be given to Bergman Elementary School. Donn Wissman received the Holiday Inn Appreciation. The Manhattan Rotary Club meets Thursdays at noon at the Holiday Inn at the Campus. Visitors are always welcome. Watch Provost Taber's comments here.