Eastern Kansas Rotary
              District 5710
District #5710, supports the Rotary International statement that Rotary has no tolerance for racism. As Rotarians. we work tirelessly to promote respect of others, celebrate diversity, and demand ethical leadership to advance peace in our District and our world. As Rotarians, we support our code of conduct, focus on peacebuilding, and address conflict with compassion while building peace.
“Rotary Opens Opportunities” is the theme for this Rotary year. The future is NOW and it is imperative that as Rotarians e open the door of opportunity to not only recruit new
members but place special emphasis on the recruitment of African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, and any underrepresented groups in our communities, such as LGBTQ, people with disabilities, women, etc. Anyone who is willing to serve while respecting Rotary values should have the opportunity to be a member of one of our
clubs. We have much work to do as we continue to provide opportunities and make a difference in our diverse Kansas communities.
Through Rotary, we have the strength and power to bring people together. Our district clubs, through projects and grants, work to address the community needs of all people and all ages. Our local and global projects impact minorities and address inequities of those who are most in need of our Kansas communities and the world.
As Rotarians, we have the “power to make a difference” as we do our part to listen, learn and take action (your ideas are welcome here) to ensure that we meet the challenge of making positive change for Kansas citizens including all persons of color and any underrepresented groups in our communities.
Our District, through its member clubs, is proactive and continues to recruit and attract men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Currently, our District composition is approximately 30% women and has many people of color in club memberships, but we do not yet fully reflect the makeup of our communities.
For over a century, Rotary has funded and encouraged global and local programs that promote goodwill and better understanding between people of different cultures and nationalities. Our District will continue to do the same and will move forward to celebrate diversity and find peaceful solutions to make our world a better place.