Posted by John Armbrust on Apr 02, 2019
Rotary Club Update April 4, 2019
  • Our program last week was  Alison Felix, who will give us another excellent update from the Federal Reserve.  I think Alison is becoming a favorite program for our club, and deservedly so.
  • Our program this week will be KSU’s President Myers, who will update us on key activities happening on campus and with the Kansas Legislature.
  • Important dates I hope you have on your calendar:
    • April 25: Rotary on Tap at Colbert Hills – this is a joint social with the Konza club.
    • April 26-27: District 5710 Conference and Assembly in Topeka
    • May 10: Rotary night at KSU baseball
    • May 20: Rotary Golf Tournament at Colbert Hills
  • I sent each of you an email from Catherine Brown of the KSU Rotaract Club concerning their fundraiser called Box City.  This is an excellent event and a worthy cause.  Thanks to those who have contributed thus far.
  • RYLA applications are due May 4th.  If you have a high school student or know of one, that is interested in attending the RYLA conference on the KU campus on June 2-6, please contact Jason Cyr.
  • The news on the polio front has taken a downturn:
    • At the end of March, there were 2 new wild polio cases in Pakistan, bringing the total cases in 2019 to 8.  This is compared to 6 new cases for the same period in 2017.
    • Local Taliban leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been hindering global efforts to end polio.  As a result, the Gates Foundation has agreed to continue its $450M 2:1 match of donations to the Rotary Foundation for another year.
Even if we are successful in getting to zero new cases for three years in a row, children worldwide will need to be vaccinated for another 10 years.  So, your contributions to the Rotary Foundation continue to matter!
  • Upcoming Dates of Interest
  • April 25: Rotary on Tap (Colbert Hills – Joint social with Konza Club)
  • April 26-27: District 5710 Conference and Assembly (Cyrus Hotel, Topeka)
  • May 10:  KSU baseball
  • May 20: Rotary Golf Tournament at Colbert Hills
  • May 21: Rotary on Tap (Bluestem Grill)
  • June 24: Rotary on Tap (Little Apple Brewery)