Posted by John Armbrust on Feb 12, 2019
Rotary Club Updates February 14, 2019
  • Last week’s program was our Tim Barr, who gave an excellent update on NBAF.
  • Our program this week will be Linda Ralston, who will update us on the Orphan Train.
  • Rotary Peace Fellowship endorsed applications are due May 31st.  Please let Brad Shaw or Bill Richter know if you are aware of someone who may be interested in this important program.
  • Another reminder that our next Rotary on Tap will be at Mr. Ks on February 21 from 5pm-7pm. 
  • The KSU Rotaract Club met this past Sunday, February 10th.  Thanks to our club members who took the time to attend the meeting and support the Rotaract Club.  They continue to seek mentors from our club, so please submit your application to David Kreller, Rachel Klataske or me.
  • Once again, I remind you that the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be held in Manhattan on March 30-31.  Our Club Secretary, George Ham will contribute $500 so that we can send at least 10 Club members to RLI at no cost to the member.  I understand the Konza Club has at least three members attending RLI – let’s see if we can have at least three members from our club attend also.  Further, I understand there are several members of the KSU Rotaract Club that are considering attending.
  • The District 5710 conference is April 26-26 at the Cyrus Hotel in Topeka.  The registration fee is $140 unless you are a first-time attendee.  The cost for first-time attendees is $70.  If you elect to stay overnight, the convention room rate at the Cyrus is $139 per night.
  • Your Board of Directors will be meeting immediately after our club meeting.  Please let me know if you have any items you would like brought before the Board.
  • Upcoming Dates of Interest
  • February 21: Rotary on Tap (Mr. K’s)
  • February 24: Rotaract (KSU Union)
  • March 19: Rotary on Tap (Blue Moon)
  • March 30-31: Rotary Leadership Institute (Manhattan)
  • April 25: Rotary on Tap (Colbert Hills – Joint social with Konza Club)
  • April 26-27: District 5710 Conference and Assembly (Cyrus Hotel, Topeka)
  • May 21: Rotary on Tap (Bluestem Grill)
  • June 24: Rotary on Tap (Little Apple Brewery)