Posted by Betty Stevens on Aug 19, 2019
Past President John Armbrust, presiding, noted upcoming event: The Anti-bullying program on Wednesday, August 28, 5:30 -7:30 p.m. at Rezac Auditorium, Manhattan High School, free and open to the public. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend and hear the speaker who was talking with all young people at Manhattan High School and Manhattan middle schools earlier that day. Also upcoming, Rotary On Tap August 26 at 4-Points, and Sept. 28 C. Clyde Run and Midge Mile. Bill Turner announced an upcoming 9/11 Memorial seeking partnerships for a candlelight vigil and other remembrances. From the recent Board meeting: 187 members now at the start of a new Rotary year; adopting a new budget format; decisions on upcoming cup money; and important grant meeting in Lawrence for getting District Designated grants. Today’s cup money is for the YES Fund. Greeters were Scott Emley and Bill Turner.
Dick Wertzberger introduced the speaker, Deborah Watkins, Director of Animal Services at the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter. Currently, the shelter is holding 152 animals and free adoption day is coming up. She explained the processes used in accepting, keeping, and caring for the animals. Three full-time animal control officers are dispatched through the Police Department. There are about 7,000 calls per year including 172 calls about wildlife in town. Bite reports and licensing are also handled by Animal Services. The Shelter has 7 full-time staff and several others part-time. Each year about 2,000 animals are taken in. The current live release rate is 93%. The Center has a mobile surgery unit that goes to other communities. The Center has many other activities and opportunities for volunteer work. See the website for more details:
In honor of the speaker the book “Wings of Fire” will be given to Ogden Elementary School. Brad Roberts received the Holiday Inn Appreciation. Visitors are always welcome at the Manhattan Rotary Club meetings every Thursday at noon at the Holiday Inn at the Campus.