Our Rotary Club was notified by a fellow Rotarian in Kansas City that there was an opportunity to obtain 7,395 brand new Disney children’s books. These books were originally destined for the Eisenhower Foundation in Abilene, but they could not receive the books due to the closing of the Library/Museum. These books were being stored in an underground facility in Kansas City, Mo.  There were 232 boxes stacked on 7 standard 4’ x 4’ pallets.

The plan that was developed was fine example of service in Rotary. The plan is to use these books for our grant funded Rotary Young Learners Partnership (RYLP) being organized by Bill Richter. As a part of the overall plan some of the books will go to Operation Santa Claus at Fort Riley being organized by Phil Mattox.

Keith Westervelt picked up the books in Kansas City and brought them to Manhattan. Russ and Kelly Briggs provided a storage bay for the books. To offload and position the books Vern brought 4 of his crew and Phil Mattox, Steven Graham, Ron Wilson, Kelly Briggs, and Keith Westervelt all pitched in to make short work of the job. Foley Equipment had offered to provide a forklift, but with all of the Rotary power, it was not needed.

Next steps will be to sort the books and then designate the books that will go to each of the recipient groups designated by Bill Richter's team.

Pictured below is Jim Wright delivering books to Pawnee Mental Health and a representative from Flint Hills Christian School receiving books delivered by Rebecca Gould and Vernon Turner.