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May 19, 2022 12:00 PM
Deb Klutz, Executive Director Homestead
Homestead Ministries

Deb Kluttz
Executive Director, Manhattan and Salina

Deb Kluttz is founder and Executive Director of The Homestead in both Manhattan and Salina Kansas.  The Homestead is a faith-based transitional home for women, 18 and older who have exited the sex industry and are ready for a new career path.  The Homestead has been operating since July 2012 in Manhattan, KS. and has impacted 65 women thus far.  A 2nd location, a Homestead Chapter, has also been opened in Salina, KS. as of April 2021, which doubles Homestead’s capacity.  

Deb has served on the leadership team at Westview Community Church since 1996 and she was ordained in the Wesleyan Church in 2004.  She birthed the Homestead while in the role of Executive Pastor at WCC, however she shifted to full time status with Homestead when the ministry became a separate non-profit in 2016.  Deb remains as one of the Associate Pastors at WCC. 

Deb holds a BS in Bible/Family Ministry from Manhattan Christian College and a MS in Leadership from Grand Canyon University.  She has 3 adult, married children and 8 grandbabies who are the joy of her life!!

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The Homestead Ministry​

​Offers an application-based, transitional care program for women exiting sex trafficking and prostitution. Homestead provides housing for up to six women at a time at each location, where survivors can rebuild their lives through education, job apprenticeships, professional counseling, mentorship, health care, and Bible studies. We have homes located in Manhattan and Salina, Kansas.

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