Alliance for Childhood Education

ACE is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving Kansas and Missouri’s education systems. The organization was founded on the premise that the business community has the obligation, opportunity and capacity to increase the college and workforce readiness of all students through an ambitious, aggressive and comprehensive reform agenda. We believe:  Kansas and Missouri have systemic education problems.  Those shortcomings threaten the economic vitality of the states and businesses operating within the states.  Business has multiple reasons to take a leadership role in aggressively pursuing reformsOur vision is that every student in Kansas and Missouri has access to a high performing school and graduates with the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to succeed in competitive global economy. Toward that our strategies and tactics are guided by five core principles: Life-Long Learning, accountability, transparency, innovation & choice and ROI.

As the business voice for education, we work to create a climate for reform in both states. ACE is the only business organization in the state focused exclusively on education policy.We are committed to dramatically improving the quality of the state’s education system to better serve the interests of Kansas and Missouri’s families, businesses and economy.Each year, our education system fails to prepare thousands of students to be independent, successful, contributing members of society. Our workforce is largely unprepared for today’s rapidly changing marketplace and our economy is paying the price.
ACE members are united in pursuit of immediate and continuous improvements to the state’s education system. There is both a moral and economic imperative to resolve these complex problems. As the end users of the education system’s product, it is in the best interest of the business community to improve the quality of education for our students, and simultaneously, ensure the well-educated workforce that our businesses and economy require. Our actions are focused in three areas:
  •  Inform the business community of the education crisis and opportunities to transform the system
  • Influence the state’s education agenda and create the conditions for statewide reform 
  • Improve the public education system by infusing a business-like approach to statewide policies
Education advocates have been waiting and calling for this kind of business engagement and we are eager to continue our work and leverage this critical component of the education reform movement.