Rotary Club Update For Week of January 20, 2020
Mike thanked Ned Seaton for his program the previous week. Ned provided his annual “look back” at the previous year as well as a quick review of what we might expect in 2020. As always Ned was both a newsman and a humorist. The Club always looks forward to his programs, although some have to seek shelter when his humor turns in their direction.
Mike invited Dale Bradley to introduce the program. 
Dale Bradley introduced Todd Holmberg, director of the McCain Auditorium. Normally Todd does a preview of the upcoming shows, but this time he provided us an extensive overview of the McCain Auditorium construction project, complete with artist’s renderings of the exterior and interior of the finished product. Todd pointed out that 2020 will be the 50th year of the auditorium and we can expect some disruptions due to the construction, the finished product will make the McCain experience even better.   
The book “Pass Go” was presented in his honor to Theodore Roosevelt School.
New Members. Bill Richter introduced new member Ken Neils who is well known to many of our members. We are fortunate to have Ken in our club.
Leadership Training. We have leadership training opportunities coming.
  • February 15-16 in Lawrence
  • March 14-15 in Leavenworth
  • August 20 (business) with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
District Conference. Will be May 8 in Lenexa.   
Next Meetings.        
            - 23 Jan – Troy Munch – History of the Liberty Indoor Football Team who played at Tony’s Pizza Event Center in Salina.
            - 30 Jan – Bonnie Rush – Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine
Rotary on tap.
  • January 21, 4-7 p.m., JP’s Union
  • February 19, 4-7 p.m., Viking Grill