Posted by John Armbrust
Manhattan Rotary Club Updates:
  • A big thanks to Mike Dodson for chairing last week’s Club meeting and the Board meeting while I enjoyed being at the PGA Championship in St. Louis.  All reports to me indicate Doug Meloan and Kitty Pursley did a great job summarizing the Kiwanis Club’s Bluemont Hills project at our Club meeting. 
  • Our program this week is our own Chris Nolte, who will update us on Homecare and Hospice.
  • Please welcome Rachel Klataske as our newest Board member.  I know Rachel will be an active, contributing member, and I look forward having her on our Board.
  • Please don’t forget to visit with our newer members who sit at the new member table each week.
  • Thanks to the Club members  who volunteered to work the Just Tri-It event this past weekend. After reading The Mercury article about the event, I concluded it was a great success.
  • There is still time to get serious about attending TEAM training in Lawrence on August 18th.  Even though the registration deadline has passed, I’m sure anyone wishing to attend can still do so.
  • We continue to request volunteers to serve with Sue Maes on a planning committee for South African Rotarians visiting Manhattan for three days during the May 15-30 time frame.  We also will need 6-8 host families.
  • Welcome to our newest member, Susan Metzger, who was introduced to the Club last week. 
Upcoming Dates of Interest: (Volunteers Needed!)
  • TEAM Training: August 18
  • Bloody Kansas Bike Race: September 22
  • District Governor Blanch Parks visit: September 27
  • Breadbasket Volunteer Day: December 17